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Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Penguin Style Catalog | December 2014

Hey Hey Hey, I am a fat penguin!  :D
Bluey here with some cool news today! A NEW CATALOG OMG I LOVE CP *in total fangirl voice*. Well this year we have some new items and some chill FREE items!!! CP has finally added free items to match the party. Here is the cheats video I made 4 this occasion!

New Penguin Times Issue #476 | The Crabs Be Gone!

Hello fellow penguinitos!
Bluey is here spitting back some news at you once and for all!
The Pirate Party has ended today and more fun was added BUT that's not what we are here to talk about! Guess what we are? Guess?........(Psttt... Check the title, hehe) Yep! We are checking out the brand new Penguin Times Issue #476. So many Issue's already! Read the new issue here:

See, told you it was awesome! Wait! I'm just getting word that I didn't. Um.... well k then. I'll tell you now, it's awesome! Well that's it for today! Find me on twitter @Bluey10132