The Team

Currently we are looking for people to join our team as it is only me, Bluey.

Bluey10132: Hellow I am Bluey! :) I created this blog for your purposes. I am a great friend and will be helping all my authors post and all that! Keep viewing our site! Cya
Twitter: @Bluey10132

Could Be You: About Yourself

Twitter: @?

Join the Team below:

  1. Penguin Name?
  2. Experience in blogging?
  3. How long have you played in this wonderful island?
  4. Why should we hire you?
Good luck and comment that info below.


  1. now four
    Coolboy522, iamaj, Bluey10132, and Trey
    (PS: Trey is not his club penguin name)

    1. Hi I'm back! Have not played in a long time so i'm back

  2. I hope I one day can be on this page.

    1. You can just go to my join page!!!

  3. Bluey can you put me up there

  4. Anonymous01 July, 2013

    I'll be another administrator. Have fun.

  5. how to make a custom penguin?!

  6. My penguin name is Tobyp999 :) I have an experience in blogging as I have my own blog :) I have been playing since 2009 :) You should hire me because I know literally everything about this epic game :) I also post as much as possible :)

    If you decide to hire me, PLEASE comment on my blog- on the latest post :) Otherwise I almost definatly won't reach it ;)
    Waddle on
    Tobyp999 :)